Add your API Key:

Nicehash "fixed" the API that we were using to poll and in order to continue to collect data we now need to poll with an API key that you can create on their website here:

Just hit the "+ Create New API Key" button, give the key a name (nicehashHistory) and un-check all of the permission boxes except "View mining data and statistics".

Follow the security steps and copy and paste the API Key Code, API Secret Key Code, and the Organization Id and then make sure to do the next step with the email verification as well.

I am offering this service for free and I hope you find it useful! If you are feeling generous and want to help keep the lights on or buy me a beer, here is my BTC wallet address: bc1q3r9s8n9tdhxua0ww7fx3jq42m5fp5h8gk2h7gf

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